Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Assessment
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Dr. Cauthorne specializes in providing psychotherapy to children and adolescents.  Her services include:
  • complete psychological evaluations on children and  adolescents
  • individual counseling including play therapy. 
  • utilization of EMDR and other therapies with trauma victims
  • supervision/consultation for training in EMDR for children
Her experience working with children and adolescents includes:
  • Consulting with staff of diagnostic/stabilization program at Community House, Brattleboro, Vermont for 8 to 12 year old behaviorally/emotionally disordered children in order to prepare the for long term placement. Complete evaluations on children to identify  precursors to behavioral and emotional difficulties with resultant treatment needs.

  • Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, New Hampshire: Part-time professor in Behavioral Science  Department teaching courses in child and adolescent development, history and systems in psychology, abnormal psychology, and introduction to counseling.

  • Beech Hill Hospital, Dublin, New Hampshire: Consultant with adolescent staff regarding psychological management and planning. Interview and intervene with high risk individuals to determine suicide and homocidal risk. Evaluation and determination of  non-drug or alcohol contributors to status of patients.

  • August, l990 to June, l992 - Taught Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Assessment Techniques

  • Private Practice, Tiverton and Newport, Rhode Island - Completed psychological evaluations on children, adolescents, and adults.  Acted as a consultant to a private school.  Ran child and adult therapy groups. 

  • Completed infant and early childhood developmental evaluations on disabled/ retarded/brain-damaged children - Maher Center.  Consulted with and provided to a public school psychotherapy for head injured adolescents.

  • Young Parents' Program, Newport, Rhode Island.  Supervised master level counselors in treatment of and intervention with pregnant teenagers and their families.

  • University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island:  Involved in ongoing research on abuse and neglect.

  • Behavioral Therapy Associates, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Completed psychological evaluations on children and adults for use in court hearing for adoption purposes,and/or for the individual client use.  Provided individual, group and family therapy. Made presentations to various groups on abuse and neglect and the use of eidetic psychotherapy.  Acted as an expert witness in court hearings on abuse and neglect.  Consulted with various groups including Indian tribes, on developing laws, enforcement procedures, and treatment programs for the abused and neglected child. 

  • Indian Children's Program, Indian Health Service, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Clinical Psychologist.  Completed individual psychological evaluations on Indian children and adults.  Consulted with Indian Health and Mental Health providers on psychological matters and delivery of psychological aspects of abuse and neglect, psychological development, and treatment modalities related to various problems.  Provided individual, family, and  group psychotherapy to children and adults.  Ran out-reach clinics to screen for high-risk and disabled children.

  • Programs for Children, Bernallillo County Mental Health Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Psychologist lll, provided individual and family therapy to abused children and their parents.  Completed individual and group psychological evaluations.  Testified in court as an expert witness.  Supervised graduate and undergraduate students in psychology and guidance counseling.   Directed and supervised staff of therapeutic pre-school for abused children  Guest lectured on child development and child abuse.  Consulted with inter and intra agency professionals on intervention and treatment.

  • Family Resource Center, Social Service Division, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Child Development Specialist/Staff Psychologist.  Provided individual, group and family therapy to abused and neglected children and their families.  Administered and interpreted psychological tests.  Acted  as an expert witness on child abuse, child development and diagnosis/  treatment of abuse and neglect.  Supervised graduate students from psychology  and guidance counseling.  Designed and implemented a therapeutic pre-school for  abused and neglected children.  Guest lectured to undergraduate students in  psychology on abuse and neglect.  Acted as a member of a multi-disciplinarian team.  Served on the board of a peer support/educational program for first time  parents.  Consulted with inter and intra agency professionals.

  • Children's Psychiatric Institute, John Umstead Hospital, Butner, North Carolina, BereaSchool, Berea, North Carolina.  Provided individual, group and family therapy.  Worked as a member of a multi-disciplinarian team whose purpose was to screen incoming referrals, to determine the diag- nostic procedures, to complete the work-ups and to provide the needed treatment  and/or follow up.  Consulted with a rural school and the community.  Acted as the school psychologist for the school district.

on Child and Adolescent psychology
by Dr. Cauthorne

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Goodwin, J., Cauthorne, C.G., & Rada, R. (1980) Cinderella Syndrome:  Children who simulate neglect.  The American Journal of Psychiatry. 127, 1223-1226

 Cauthorne, C. (1980).  The effects of alterations in seating arrangement on distractibility of kindergarten and first grade children.  Dissertation Abstracts Internation, 40, 8.

 Awarded two graduate assistantships in the Department of School Psychology (1974-1975) and for Dr. James J. Gallagher, Director of Frank Porter Graham  Child Development Center (1976-1977).

 Certified EMDR Consultant- January 1, 2000-present.

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