It is very important that you understand your mental health benefits. I am not a provider presently for any managed care organizations since I do not feel ethically I can be affiliated with these organizations. If your insurance company will reimburse me as an out-of- network provider, you will need to be clear about the limitations of your policy. I am very happy to submit claims on your behalf, but in some instances (Anthem in particular), the reimbursement for out-of-network providers goes to the subscriber. Therefore I request payment up front for the entire fee. We will discuss at intake your co-pay which will be in effect after your deductible is satisfied. 

Services not generally covered by mental health insurance include:

1. Psychological/educational testing for children requested by or for a school system to assist in academic development.

2. Psychological services required for a legal evaluation.Testing or therapy including but not limited to criminal, domestic, or custody situations, civil litigation involving psychological injury or damages, and testing required by law to fulfill certain job requirements. Testifying in a legal dispute.

3. Report writing, record reviews, updates on therapy for attorneys, schools, parents, or other concerned individuals. Duplication of records may be charged $.08/copy and a $25/hour labor fee.

Unless otherwise indicated, these services will be billed to you individually at the regular fee.

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